We had the wonderful opportunity to work with author and educator Robert McNary on the cover for his latest Book, Phenomenon: 13 Lives of the Millennium Man.

Unique biography of HPB – Helena Petrovna Blavatsky – the most extraordinary being of any century. (1831 – 1891) HPB came to the West in 1875. She brought with her the Light of the East, manifested waves of phenomena, and endeavored “to form the nucleus of a Universal Brotherhood of Humanity.” Her unequaled versatile gifts, prolific writing, and magical productions also led her to establish the Theosophical Society. Modern youth, raised on Harry Potter, may be interested to find that that boy wonder has nothing over the Real Phenomenon. Of possibly more extraordinary interest, the reader may be fascinated, even flummoxed, to discover that, rivaling renowned savants and saviors of history, the greatest Phenomenon of the past thousand years and beyond was a WOMAN.

We handled the cover design for the book, formatting the PDF files for print, and setting up the distribution accounts with IngramSpark.